Looking to May

Well, I have been working on the Portraits of Petersburg exhibit but missed a week because of illness. I have to prep for my art show at the Petersburg Public Library and will be taking a selection of my portraits plus a few other paintings to hang. Library already has made a flyer and written a press release. Since it is May the art theme will be “mothers” and I want to post quotes from the participants next to the work. Another possibility is famous quotes painted on canvas. We will see.Libraryflyer

The flyer looks great.

I still have a few more days to paint some more portraits. Already I started two today;

This is after day one. Tomorrow I will correct and finish it in keeping with the two day limit.
A sneak peek on how I start my portraits. I didn’t have a lot of time to continue today but I will paint more tomorrow.


I am on portrait number 25, but I want to still do more. The impact will be greater with a large group. 2016 will have to be my ‘Year of Portraits”.

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