It’s May, Which Means Painting


On Friday the 13th is our Fridays for the Arts night in Petersburg and I am still working on portraits. This will be the last Friday for the Arts at the Art Room Gallery.

The gallery I have called home-away-from-home for eleven months is closing after this month. I am moving all my paintings, easels and furniture out before the 25th. It was great while it lasted.

Along with the portraits, I am painting little bird paintings.

These paintings are 4″x 4″

I still have more portraits to paint and I haven’t even begun the interviewing and writing part yet but over all things have been going well. My little file of completed work is getting bigger. I have a well received art show at the Petersburg Public Library. I have two graphic novel stories written out ready for thumbnails (for some one who can’t seem to finish her novel, this is good). And I have loads of travel plans this summer.

Latest portrait



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